The primary principle of GBC İnşaat is to complete the undertaken projects in a timely manner and with required quality. To this end;

To manage all our processes from project to product, quotation to delivery effectively and productively.

To accept our customers as our next process

To lessen the process start-up times

To preserve our resources (our capital, our machinery, our materials, our human resources, our designs and our knowledge)

To provide occupational safety, cleanliness and order in our operation.

To put forth the effort for continuous improvement and to increase our market share.

the following are the methods and principles adapted by all our labourers and mainly our management

Activities of PB Prefabrik are intended to

thanks to our management system, become a preferable supplier by submitting our customers the products in a quality level in conformity with their requirements with competitive prices, with desired quantities and delivery time

lessen our costs and to increase productivity with high quality level, product reliability and continuous improvement.

Put forth efforts for the development of the human resources which we consider as our most important investment and to provide their satisfaction by giving them better opportunities.

Cooperate with our suppliers with a perspective of business partnership and to exert efforts for their development

Use eco-credential raw materials in our productions and to provide environmental satisfaction by reducing and evaluating our wastes.

prevent our labourers to get infected by occupational diseases, to prevent our labourers and those who may be effected from our activities become injured and to prevent all negative effects to the health of such persons, to provide all kinds of protective actions to control all the accidents, damages and dangers at the beginning stage.

Monitor the occupational health and safety risks with same sensitivity and to put forth efforts to minimize such risks.

Comply with our legal obligations, applicable Environment and OHS legislations and terms and conditions of the affiliated associations


As being one of the leader group of companies in our country, it is our primary objective in all processes to establish the occupational health and safety for our labourers, suppliers and labourers of our subcontractors, our customers and our guests and those who are affected by our activities.

In our order to achieve such objective, our company undertakes to

Comply with all laws, legislations and standards related with occupational health and safety

Be involved in all required educational activities for the adoption of occupational health and safety culture

Continuously monitor and control occupational health and safety risks

Minimize occupational accidents and diseases

Use the state-of-the-are technologies while taking the preventive actions

Continuously improve occupational health and safety performance


As GB Group, it is one of our principal objective and principle to play an active role in the preservation and continuous development of the environment first of all with a sustainable environment sensibility and with a management aware of the environmental impacts.

Based on this, we undertake to

comply with all the relevant laws, regulations and legislations

minimize the environmental impacts in our business

preserve natural resources

act in consideration of the energy effectiveness

provide measurable continuous improvements in all possible fields

respect and act responsibly against the environment.